Portia Fuxia/Black girls size 25-29



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Sole Runner
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Sole Runner Portia fuxia/black size 25-29

Children have a natural tendency to frolic and run around. Children start walking in a natural way. The heel of a newborn is not designed for walking on.
Only with shoes that have thick or hard outer soles do children start walking unnaturally on their heels.

Please consider a rate of growth of 12mm.

Click here for size 30-35

Sole Runner size chart

   25    26    27    28    29    30    31    32    33    34    35
 163.8   170.5   177.1   183.8   190.5   197.2   203.8   210.5   217.2   223.8   230.5 





Upper: Goat skin water-repellent  
Inner Lining: Microfibre fleece                                                    
Closure: slip on
Cut: wide. The toes have lots of room to move around.                                              
Sizes: 25 - 35
Weight: approx. 100 gr. in size 29
Outer sole: 6mm rubber, non-marking. Allows a direct a contact to the ground as possible. Almost like walking just on the soles of your own feet.
Please note the size chart.
The 'transparent film' which may be slightly visible on the sole is silicone and not adhesive residue.
IMPORTANT: Even though this is a shoe, your child should tread with the mid foot, like when it is walking barefoot.

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